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I was in a dilemma with this of the new year and the agenda. I wanted to find the perfect one but it wasn't easy. My thing is that the agendas usually have fields that I don't use and I never know if I need a pocket size or a day by day planner. I thought of making a perpetual agenda but the design wasn't easy either.

My little agenda, I used it for a few years...

It was the end of january and then I received an order that changed my life... Am I overreacting?  No...
Tatiana wrote to me, speciallized on digital marketing  y member of Tachuso: Digital and Social Media Agency.  She asked me for a hanmade notebook to use as a Bullet Journal. "A what?" I thought, meanwhile I was searching it on Google.


It turns out that it's a system based on symbols created fby Ryder Caroll it's useful as an agenda, manage lists, notes and other things. It's a simple method and it's quite clear on the oficial website. Basically it consists of combining all the information in the same place (notebook or diary) and to identify to simple sight about what are each note.

Using the check boxes  for the tasks, a circle  for the appointments and a point ● for the notes. You may also use another symbols as a star for priorities, an eye to reminding to look for it, or an exclamation point for the ideas. Logically, to such a personalized method, you can include so many symbols as you want, as long as don't make the reading more cumbersome.The idea is to simplify, to reduce, not to recharge and to overwhelm... It possesses an index to be able to look agilely for any information that we need and is totally customizable. It's like to be doing the agenda day after day, constructing it slowly. Of course that we avoid the blanks, takes advantage of the paper and remains very nice.


Thanks to the combination with this system and the Sistema Productivo y Feliz of Efecto Bling I'm living this year with a day after day in fullness. Welcome organization to my life!!!

Did you know this method? How do you manage your days?

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