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Tengo entendido que según la Organización Mundial de la Salud, se considera "niño" a un ser humano hasta los catorce o quince años. Para los privilegiados que aún pertenecen a dicha franja etaria, hay un día al año que los agasaja. Este domingo se festeja el día del niño. Hay actividades, shows y regalitos.

Stickers y bookmarkers ♥

But here we are, who have not stopped receiving regalitos in spite of having crossed the fatal barrier of the adolescence and later adulthood. We are many that we continue looking cartoons, reading tales, collecting stickers and little toys... I say to all of us, this sunday: happy drippy´s day!

If you click HERE you can download the greeting. Oh! And I recommend to you to visit Punc (if you haven't gone), a bookshop where you will find books, tales, fanzines, shows, chats, workshops... eIt is the most interesting space for children and drippy.

Flyer by Marco Tóxico and mexican skeleton. Photos stolen of  Punc's fanpage.

Silk-screen printing T-shirts and logo by Marco Tóxico. Photos stolen of  Punc's fanpage.

Dadress: Belaustegui 393, Villa Crespo, CABA, Argentina.
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