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Finally October came. The last month living in Buenos Aires city after thirteen years. The last month working in the office after ten years. It seemed like it was a long time when I wrote the post about the taken choice... and now already it is, the change is soon.

In the latter month here I took advantage to do several things in that I was interested. I took a class to learn how to make a beautiful box in Papelera Contemporánea by María from Firuletes-Objetos de Autor.

I went to a chat by La Minipymer about e-shop (very useful for me, I'll apply it after the removal)

And I took part in a fair organized by  Minus.

It besides all the super special orders that I received.

But now, that the great day is near, which I already began with the commotion of boxes and the packing tape I have to take a pause. I will take the rest of october and november to get accommodated in my new home, this implies that I will not take orders during this time. Maybe I'll participate of some fair in the way, still I do not have it definite, in such a case I will do the corresponding advertisement. Now I say to you until december! Thanks for your visit! Thank you for trusting on me and thank you for your understanding!:-)

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