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Just over a month I proposed myself to take a break, I needed to focus in the movement to my new home and, why not, in my new life. Let's say that I didn't achieve it in 100% but I was close to my intention.

Before bitting my nails, I had painted them with the color of   Libretas y demases... Good thing I took a picture!

On november seven, for example, I took part in the first Feria Emergente sited on Lo de Olha. That day I returned from Buenos Aires city, where I went to give the keys to the apartment's owner. I arrived to my home, took a shower and went out again. Obviously, I had left everything already for the fair before the trip, otherwise it would have been impossible.
The day was precious; decorative clouds only in the sky... Little heat maybe but my position was in a place that immediately stayed under the fresh shade.

The physical weariness was rapidly brought down by the enthusiasm of the fair, the visitors, the music, the mate-drinks... A beautiful day. I won't be present for the second edition but I think I'll join in the future.

 Libretas y demases's stand from both sides.

Another violation to the self-imposed interval has to see with something that I dreamed of doing for a lot of time: I wanted to design an agenda. From the beginning to the end, the fonts, the content, the covers and the message that they transmit. This way the "Agenda Picnic" was born, yeah! Libretas y demases adds an agenda to its offer.

Inspired by the breakfasts in my new home, because of the weather has turned into a healthy habit to have them in the backyard; listening to the little birds, seeing the sky, the plants, feeling the smell of the flowers... Please don't picture the musical of Snow White with the little animals, ha! It's just the enjoying of the tranquility of the nature. I guess that those who go out to walk in some park or have breakfast in front of a beautiful garden, will feel the same way. To reconnect with the nature, with his paces, his sounds, to enjoy the moment, to plan respecting the leisure time, all this things concerns with the design of the "Agenda Picnic".

Finally, I took part yesterday of the second edition of the fair organized by Las Margaritas, here in 25 de Mayo.
Thank godness I went with the two banners that Brión made for me... I was about to carry only one.

Thanks, little sister for those glorious banners!
I was lucky again with the sun and the heat (I miss you winter!) and my stand stayed immediately to the shade so I enjoyed a delicious mate-drink.

In the evening I auto-gave myself the most beautiful necklace by a local designer. I saw it, I thought immediately about a Chinese dragoon and it came with me.

Now, I'm working full time to take a lot of notebooks to the next weekend fair in Buenos Aires city. It will be organized by two amazing women: Muriel and Jimena, from Minus. I copy here the link to the event so you may take a look at the beautiful things that will be there:

I say goodbye up to the next entry. Thanks for your visit! ☺

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