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Back in 25 de Mayo and switching between The Beatles and The Chapillacs in a bipolar auditive way;  I start to do a brief review of the Jo, jo, jo! trade fair where I took part on saturday and sunday.

The place hides thousands of little details en each corner, little treasures non-existent for the hurry look, but true delights for those who look carefully. 

Organized by Muriel and Jimena, from Minus, the fair was characterized by a beautiful variety of original products, with stamp of author's design. Happy to take part one more time of a date in such a lovely place, as soon as I finished with my stand, I started to visit my neighbours. 

Levallois did a deployment of color, rasters and textures with his articles with silk-screen printing and with textile embossing. Impressive. I couldn't separate my sight of her designs.

Really hypnotic.
Muriel and Jimena were the healthy envy of the whole world with his typical kiosk. This stand says *fair* where one looks at it. A beauty.

The Mandá Fruta collection from Minus is the most cute thing I've seen in spaces organization. Small boxes, thought for multiple uses without losing of sight the aesthetic aspect as well as the responsibility with the ambiental environment. I use a couple of his products to organize my products in the fairs in which I take part. 

Following with the walk, the purses and rucksacks of Perro Blanco. Easyly to identify a product of this brand with so many personality.

If someone was looking for the vacation outfit, could choose the purse or the rucksacks. Near to that was the  Almas Gemelas stand,  who offered a relaxing footwear. Alpargatas and slippers to rest the feet in a cool way. 

The adornments were catching my attention to every moment. As these multicolored pompoms and Rapunzel's hair (?) that was seeming languid between all this excess of roundness.

Silvina Romero, hostess of the space  Tacurú, opened her doors and amazed with the design of her textile jewelry. To enter to his workshop was fascinating, the accessories that she makes are really beyond the common.

Some necklaces, real works of art, were exposed as pictures on the wall.

Later, I went to visit Anouk, she is a colleague and historical bookbinder for me since I have one of her notebooks of the epoch when I even hadn't thought about learning the trade.

Covers with silk-screen printing, it practically were leaving of his bidimensionalidad to hit my captivated retina, or with delicate embroideries like this one below, it turns a practical object, into something unique.

A jewel this flowery paper that is discontinuous.

One small skull did grimaces to me from a plant pot.

And leaving behind for a moment the multicolored products (for a moment only, just to take impulse and to die by a color overdose in the following stand) I found the stamped clothes of Matorga, impregnated with a Bolshevik aesthetics that was calling to the immediate revolution, revolution of the guardarropas, in first place. Ha! 

Diverse designs inside a line with many identity. Clothes for man with character.

Ready? Already! Now yes, the snap of color of the hand of Ruedos en Rodados, Accessories for bicycles. Covers for the seats, bells, up to saddle-bags that turn into haversack... A banquet for the bicycle lovers

Now that I ride a bicycle without fear of becoming a bus stamp, I chose a beautiful seat cover for my bike. It has a few flowers, very attractive, aesthetically similar to the mushrooms that were escorting to the faucets.

Finally the last position, my neighbor of to the side, Marina Aleman. The jewels that she realizes are so beautiful that it was love to the very first sight.

Splendid clasps in bronze or silver.

Author's jewels.
The truth is that it was a nice weekend, around lots of creative people in the good waves. The truth is that it was a nice weekend, surrounded by a lot of creative people in good waves. Oh! I almost forgot an important thing; by the time of opening, the sun wasn't over the courtyard, so I enjoyed a beautiful day with a light-blue sky and without feeling heat. In your face, summer! Fair Jo, jo, jo rules! 

Design in detail.
Thanks again, Muri and Jime for your invitation and for having all the necessary for a double fair; and thanks to all the persons who approached the fair.

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