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The first entry in my notebook for the Ryder Carroll's method dates back of January 27, 2015. To a couple of days of the year anniversary, I have decided to share here how this method has worked out for me.

For those who hasn't read the first post about it, I briefly comment that I met the Bullet Journal by chance, because of a Tatiana's order. She is a member of Tachuso team and wanted a customized notebook for this method. I do a parenthesis to be infinitely  grateful for her and to comment that this year I made not only her new BuJo but also one more for another member of the team... Thanks, you guys!

Even before I used it I thought it was a wonderful discovery, And now, almost one year after I used it systematicly every day, I can give faith of it.
To have the possibility of combining so many things in only one notebook is priceless. I have left record of the daily tasks, of the events and meetings, the annotations, the material of singing, the movies or books in that I am interested... And the good thing is that I can adapt it to all the changes I could have in mind.

My 2016 Bullet Journal
Searching in Instagram I found a couple of gorgeous accounts related with the system and that also have amazing web pages. For example  Kim or Kara that I already mentioned in the previous entry. From this searchings I decided to incorporate the "habit tracker"; I think it's something bright. Not only for the fact of recording of those things that I want to turn into routine, but also as motivation to do them.

Last year, I made a notebook with graph paper and some blank paper, but this year I've chose dot paper pecause I love the way it looks. I made the interior pocket, added a mark ribbon and didn't used blank paper because I have another notebooks for sketches and drawings.

Sincerely, to the moment to write this post, I haven't used it for the first time; I have to migrate contents of the previous one since I was refusing to begin the new one because the old one had some leaves without using. But the coquetry won and some days ago I finished this one, now I am practising some things related to the colors and sources to add the beauty factor to this practical method. Besides I decided to put Dimensional Crystal on the embossing to give him a honeyed sheen to the design that emulates a honeycomb (me and my ideas) and I had to leave it drying a couple of days extra.

What desire of eating honey! LOL.

If the conventional agendas are not practical for you, If there is no app that satisfies you to manage the daily tasks and if you enjoy using ink and paper, this one is the perfect system for you. Best of all is that you just need a graph or dot paper (Preferably but this also stays to taste of each one), a pen and daily time to feed it. An important information: the ideal thing is that the notebook has many pages and being likeable... you'll look at this every day, then if it's nicest is better. In the Bullet Journal's oficial store is sold out, but if you suscribe to the newsletter they let you know when it's in stock again. Anyway, there is lots of options in the notebook's market; one of those it's me, with Libretas y demases I'll give you the possibility of customization to 100% for a unique and personal notebook. ♥

I hope this post inspires those persons who doesn't know the Bullet Journal method because I always recommend it. In that case I refresh the official site where there is a complete guide  to put to shot the notebook.

Total genius Ryder Carroll. Thanks for such a complete method!

Did you know this system? Is it useful for you?

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