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To make dreams come true and to filling our life of light!
This it is my desire for this new year, does not matter for me if it sounds to festive cliche because it cames of the deepest of my heart. The last year has been very intense, with important decisions and a lot of movement: internal and external. I want that this year is of fulfilled dreams and many light and for it it is necessary to work and to focus in the things that really matter. The organization of day after day, the planning, the goals, the challenges, they usually appears almost spontaneously in this epoch of the year, but in order that they don't stay as something that I said or thought while I was lifting the glass in the toast, the ideal thing is to take a written record, to develop the ideas and to dedicate them time and energy to be able to realize them. Last year the Productive and Happy Program by Cin from Bling Effect was very helpful so I double my bet on a deluxe program inside a community in tuning in with what I search. And the same abput the Bullet Journal as a daily register. As I told on this post, it's a super dynamic method but this year I wanted to add to the effectiveness a bit of visual beauty so I hung myself looking at pages of people who uses the "BuJo" and adds a bonus of aesthetic wealth. In the middle of this search, I found a video of the account of  Boho Berry  that I'd love to share here:

Then I remembered once I had drawn a mandala just like that; and I felt it like a drawing meditation. So I took my art-supplies and started to draw, calm, without thinking on it or in the result. I drew a mandala:

I enjoyed it so much that I started to draw another one.

And finally, while I was drawing the third one, I decided to leave it blank; then you can download the archive and color it yourselves. This activity brings a lot of interior peace, it's an active meditation that uses the playful to brings us to the interior child, to be creative and to be in harmony. As Carl Jung said: "A mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self". I hope you like it, get courage and color it. Click here for download and print.
I hope you have a great year of fulfilled dreams, bathed in light and why not, of interior peace. Thanks for your visit!

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