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Ultra cool stickers by Marco Tóxico

Villa Crespo: to a couple of blocks of  Juan B. Justo y Warnes. With this indications, I used to imagine mechanical workshops, autoparts, spare wheels, tire repair shops. Until April of last year, when it opened his doors a bookshop of luxury: PUNC; specialized in comics and infantile literature, but where also can find graphical novels and fanzines ... among other things.

Join me inside and begin to pry awhile what we can find in this beautiful place.

The variety of infantile literature that Punc offers us has not been seen by me in any other bookshop, I doubt that some child refuses to rush on these copies and to devour them in an instant.

In this digital age, I find wonderful the places like that, which officiate as oasis in the chaos, rescuing us of the screens, waking us the appetite of reading a good book, a fanzine, a little jewel of paper, a material of reading that we are not going to find in the big bookshops.

Whenever I go, I find new things, findings that they make me think in the importance of stimulating the habit of the reading in the children ... and in not losing it when we become adults.

Corner with a lots of supplies by Gabi Rubi.
A few years ago I had some dead time so I entered into a book shop. There hadn't the quantity or the variety of books that Punc has. Really. But looking with determination, I found a book that called my attention. The title was “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”. Very beautiful, I turned the pages of it scarcely and went to the cash desk. The girl who was attending asked me if I wanted a gift wrapping. "No, it's for me", I told her. "For you?" she asked. "Yes, for me", I said. Well, apparently she couldn't believe it because she asked me one more time the same question. To which, I said to her that yes, that I had liked the buttons that the old woman had in the lid. It seems like if there were ages for certain readings. I'm not suggesting that the children should be exposed to readings that they couldn't understand or could affect them somehow. But inversely? Let's not confine ourselves.

I know that something like that wouldn't happen to me in Punc. It didn't happen to me when I bought "The Gashlycrumb Tinies", it didn't happen to me when I bought "My little collection of  funzinez", not either when I bought myself these fanzines of Finland which remembered me to the illustrations of my childhood.

Don't look at my bad manicure... ok look at it. Ha ha!
If you go to visit Punc you may meet Juana or Mariela, two nice women that would be able to give you the best attention; they will advise you if they need help to find something punctual or will make you free to look around and to delight yourselves with the material that they have if you prefer, until you find the piece of reading which was waiting for you to go home ;)

There are silk-screen printings for sale, to frame and to decorate your space or to wear them in a gorgeous t-shirt. If memory serves me, there are t-shirts with original paintings by Mariela. What about that?

Another characteristic of the place is the wall for art opening, Punc destines one of his walls to expose works of the most varied artists.

The last time I went there was drawings by Iván Riskin

And on top of that, for a place that multiplies several times his royal square meters in good waves, unique and quality products, and a natural predisposition to expose art and beautiful things; in Punc there are workshops for all ages.

The closing time was done and I was continuing with desire of more Punc, Punc forever. For me, in the age of the digital screens, the books do not lose limelight, they get charming.
Thanks, Juana & Mariela for such an amazing place. 

Adress: Belaustegui 393, Villa Crespo, CABA, Argentina.
Public opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 13 to 19hs.

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