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I love the gifts, to receive them is very exciting but to give them it's even more. The act of giving doesn't have why to be bound to some dates in the calendar or to special situations, not necessarily at least.

At present is extremely normal that somebody spends lots of money to decorate the christmas tree, to buy a birthday present or to congratulate a pair of grooms, even when it implies plastic cards and financing payment. It's extremely normal and accepted socially.
But in front of a surprise gift, given in a normal and ordinary day, most of the people ask: "Eh? Why? Today isn't my birthday. The day of what is today?". Usually the answer is: "just because" or "because I saw it and I thought about you". This is valid, certainly, but the reality goes beyond; we give gifts "just because" when we're grateful with this person. Maybe it's someone who help us in a moment of need, maybe because the life is better with her/him, etc. There's innumerable  topics that make us want giving gifts.

Today I'm very grateful to the people that visits my blog, so I made a present, I hope that you find it helpful. Yes, that's right, today, day of nothing special... a little gift.
They are a few drawings to print on sticker paper and customize the bullet journal, the agenda or the calendar, in your paper method of organization.

It's designed to be printed in A4 and contains thirteen different drawings in twelve different colours plus thirteen decorative hearts bands. Click HERE to print it, enjoy it!

And what about you? Do you give gifts just because? Have a wonderful week. :)

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