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There is years that are more difficult than others, that test the patience and the good humor. That we hope they end quickly, as if it was something tangible that changing almanac could make a species of clean slate. 2016 has been a difficult year for me. I was about to write about it here, to take the bad mood out. But I controlled myself because if I have to choose the truth is that the good things has always weighed more in my scale.
So I am grateful for the educations learned on this year and most of all for all the things that filled my soul of gratitude and happiness.

​★​ To my mom, for the home, to my loved one, so skilful with the plants and to the land that is feeding a small but beautiful garden.

​★​ To the universe, for giving me those wonderful sunsets. 

​★ To whom trusted in me for projects that i had never realized like souvenirs of baptism, managerial gifts, of movie and up to students's writings.

​★ To Marisa, for inviting me to the activities of the Library where I knew very interesting and talented people and I could enjoy the most beautiful moments.

★ To the little students of the first workshop that I realized in the Library. (And to their dads/moms for the confidence.)

​★ And obviously to all whom trusted in my work, and those that accompanied me, at par or to the distance; to my friendships, relatives, acquaintances, sympathizers and demases.

If I'm missing something (it's for sure) it doesn't mean I'm not happy about it. It's december and my mind is a mess.

I hope you end this year of a pleasant way and begin the next one with all the best energy.

Oh! And please don't lose the next entry that will be a new interview based on the book " Writings of teenager " that I mention in this post. I promess I won't delay myself four months. ;-)

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