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It all started the day I had to draw an unknown girl. I used to draw people, but they were invented people or myself, I didn't used to draw another people. It was the year 2008 if memory does not fail me. At that time I was part of the Association of Draughts of Argentina that participated that year with a stand of the IX Advertising Expo.

I was accompanying a great artist and illustrator, Pablo Fernandez, who was drawing those who asked for a portrait. At one point, too many people gathered and he told me: "You get to draw too." I almost died of embarrassment, I had never drawn live, but between running away and making a secuence and overcoming my fear, I chose the latter.

In the row was a little girl accompanied by her dad. She looked a little shy and her dad encouraged her to come over and say something to me. Finally he came and told me that he wanted me to draw her, but not to do it with a lot of cheeks, because they had recently made a caricature and made her with so much cheeks that she looked like Gaturro. Of course, I thought, traditional caricature tends to exaggerate the features of a face to deformation. I smiled and told him not to worry, that with the beautiful eyes and loops he had, it was not necessary to draw big cheeks. When I gave her the picture, she liked it very much and took it with joy.
We forget to photograph a meeting with friends so I portrayed the meeting in Bigheaded version later.

That experience marked me a lot. It was several years before I started with the Bigheaded project, but the memory of this child who was afraid that I drew her like Gaturro was still fresh. I consider that all people are beautiful, that beauty is plural and singular, which has absolutely nothing to do with the stereotypes that society has adopted as an example. We all have beautiful characteristic features, those are the ones that I look for when I draw a Bigheaded.
I have created an album on Facebook where I am uploading every work done. You can view it by clicking HERE. I do not put the actual photograph of people to compare because it is very personal, I prefer that they see them as I do: beautiful.

Here is a series of useful questions and answers in case you want your Bigheaded version:

¿What options do I have to characterize my Bigheaded?
You can choose the hairstyle, the clothes, the attitude or something that you want to have and that characterizes you.

¿Is it enough if I send you one photo?
No. To familiarize myself with the face I need to see several photos from different angles; Anyway the last word about the features I mentioned before is yours.

¿Has it to be a single person?
No. They can be two or more people or even pets, in this case we would have to coordinate sooner as the value would vary.

¿How long does the service take?
From the moment I receive the payment notification, it can be between 24-48hs. In the case of individual Bigheadeed.

¿What do I get once you finish the job?
I send you by mail three files: JPG in chord format to use in profile in the networks, JPG in high resolution in case you want to print it and PNG with transparent background to be able to mount it on another photograph, image, etc.

You can purchase your Bigheaded version by clicking HERE.

As always, thank you very much for coming.
I hope you have a beautiful day and look very beautiful when you look in the mirror.

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